'Ham' - Eric Wareheim Pokes Fun At Modern America With A Seriously Weird Satirical Short Film

You can always rely on Eric Wareheim to bring the weird. And he brings plenty of that in this short film called Ham which sees John C. Reilly in a fat suit riding around on a scooter. And there's a bald dwarf too. And everyone looks like some gross caricature of a human being.

It also involves fast food being flung at people, Reilly going into a store and fighting over a Flat Eric toy, and then it eventually descends into a bloody gunfight that ends like a Tarantino movie.

In its own way it's pretty much a perfect satirical summation of modern America, all achieved in under four minutes worth of footage. Pretty good going really.

The short is part of an online comedy variety show called Rubberhead, which also features clips by Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman and loads more comedians.

It definitely leaves you feeling hungry for more. A lot more.


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