The New 'Mortal Kombat X' Finishing Moves Are So Insanely Violent You'll Probably Throw Up

When Mortal Kombat was first in the arcades it was considered controversial because of its gruesome finishing moves, which involved heads being decapitated and lashings of blood spilling out. But looking back, it wasn't really that offensive.

Skip forward 23 years and Mortal Kombat X has some of the most brutal, explicit, and ridiculously violent finishing moves you could ever imagine. The game is due for release on 14 April but until then IGN have collated all the fatalities they know of into one video.

And it's so OTT it's comical. Bodies get ripped in two with bare hands, faces are sliced off to reveal brains oozing out and mouthless tongues still flapping, entrails slide onto the floor and heads have holes blasted through them. Delicious.

The developers must have sat in a room together and played a game of oneupmanship with who could come up with the most grisly death. They're so horrifying I had to make a couple of GIFs from them.

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