Here's Every 'Mortal Kombat' Fatality Move From The Franchise In One Long Grisly Video

Are you sitting comfortably? Because here's a rundown that is one hour and 45 minutes long featuring every Mortal Kombat fatality move from the good old days all the way to the high def uber gore of Mortal Kombat XL.

It's quite the trip down memory lane, especially if a lot of your teenage memories included you and your buddies crammed in someone's bedroom, pushing buttons and d-pads to the screams of your dying opponents.

It makes for an interesting exercise in the inventive ways the Mortal Kombat developers have come up with over the years for someone to die horribly. Everything from stabbing someone with their own ribcage to death by drone-operated machine gun is played out.

And it makes wonder whether they have an entire department dedicated just to thinking up these fatalities. I imagine a locked room full of slightly crazed people brainstorming every which way for people to meet a grisly doom.

That's a job description that must come with its own health warning.

It's also an interesting exercise in seeing how video game graphics have evolved over the years. But mostly it's just a near two hour orgy of violence and mayhem.


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