These Real Life Mortal Kombat Fatalities Are Bloody, Gruesome, Insanely Violent, But Also Hilarious

We've all gotten into those arguments over video games, where a disagreement arises about whether the latest iteration in a franchise is the greatest thing ever or total and utter shit stains. It's all par for the course and goes with the territory if you are a serious gamer. Usually it's no biggie.

But here's hoping it doesn't end like the altercation in this video, by filmmaking bros and special FX maestros Danny and Michael Philippou, better known as Racka Racka.

A clash of opinions over the new Mortal Kombat quickly descends into fronting up, then a "I'll fatality you bro" is uttered, then a frying pan is slung in someone's face and it's flying kicks to the head time.

But, dear God, that's only the beginning. Before you know it, using some Sam Rami-esque drunken-camera movements, we suddenly enter some truly gruesome fighting of epic and frightening proportions.

A head is ripped from a body, spinal column waggling, kid brothers are beaten to death with their own still-beating heart, grandma uses her grandson's intestines as a weapon, and then the ending.

Jesus, the ending. Prepare for some gore is all I'm going to say.

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