'First Person Lover' - Blast People With Love And Fashion In This Cool New Online FPS Game

You're no doubt familiar with first person shooters (FPS), where the idea is to blast opponents or enemies until you are the victor and they are no more. Well clothing company Björn Borg have brought out a more affectionate version of the genre. It's called First Person Lover and it replaces plasma guns and sniper rifles with flower petal throwers and kiss guns.

The premise of the game, which is playable online and is realised with great graphics and well-timed action, involves a world consumed by hate where "hate harvesters" plague a city. Your job is to blast them with your Care Bear-sounding weaponry until they are naked.

You then get them dressed in clothes from the new Björn Borg collection.


It's an innovative way of presenting a new clothing range and it's also something of a first for the fashion industry. "It has been extraordinarily fun to see the collection come to life in 3D and having avatars wearing it. The game has taken my vision of fictional worlds to a whole new level. I might be the first designer ever that has his collection bought through a game", says James Lee, Head Designer at Björn Borg.


The game is built using Unity, a game engine used to create browser-based games, so you need to download the software before you can play. But once you do it's an engrossing experience that presents fashion in a fun, familiar context.

The fact that you're blasting people with love instead of, say, a flamethrower, doesn't really matter. It still has the mechanics of an FPS game and the enjoyment that goes with that.

Go give it a whirl.

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