Cutest Spider Ever - Recently Discovered Adorable Arachnid Does A Magnificent Mating Dance

Arachnophobes take note, your fear of spiders may not extend to a newly discovered species of peacock spider known officially as Maratus personatus, which is causing an internet reaction of "YEP!" instead of the time-old cry of "NOPE!" when they see one of the cute little spiders in action.

These tiny arachnids measure between three and five millimetres in length and have been given the nickname "blueface" because of the bright blue stripe that looks like a mask across their face.

It was discovered in bushland in the coastal region of Albany in Western Australia. As well as its TMNT-style blue mask, it has added cuteness by being striped like a zebra, having large eyes, and it does an adorable mating dance— raising its back legs in the air and shuffling about from side to side.

Kittens and babies beware, a new challenger approaches for the affections of the internet and it's got some very cool dance moves.

Jürgen Otto, who photographs and documents peacock spiders as a hobby, captured these adorbz photos of the blueface below. You can check out the full set here.


And here it is doing that cute little mating dance

Spider 1
Spider 2

However, this cuddly spider isn't so appealing as a baby, it looks like a creepy alien creature.


If you were wondering if other peacock spiders were equally appealing, then yes they are. Below is Maratus speciosus which attracts females by waving its colorful abdomen about like a fan as if saying "Hello, hotness in this direction!"

h/t New Scientist

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