NOPE NOMS: Here Are The 8 Types Of Spider You Eat In Your Sleep Every Year—Be Afraid

It's an often bandied about concept that we eat a certain amount of spiders in our sleep every year. There's speculation as to how true that actually is, but at last we now know how it happens and exactly what type of spider climbs into your greedy maw.

We know that thanks to this handy video visualization which demonstrates the, until now, unseen actions behind slumber munching some spiders.

And it's a whole load of NOPE.

What you might not be aware of is that not all are eaten while you're asleep on your back in bed either. They're consumed in all manner of different ways.

Some are sleep-eaten in a salad, other times you sleep-cook a tarantula. It sounds unbelieveable, but it's on the internet so it must be true.

If nothing else, it's serves as a good reminder that we all need to be very careful of spider-eating when sleeping.

Because, frankly, too many spiders are losing their lives unnecessarily.


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