Best Of Craigslist—Two Guys Act Out Some Of The Weirder Listings On The Classified Ad Website

Craigslist has a lot of weirdness on it. The kind of weirdness that is ripe for pilfering if you're a comedy duo. And that's precisely what comedians John Pick and Mike Hoy do in their series Best of Craigslist. The series takes actual posts from the classified advert site and then acts them out verbatim.

Giving us a glimpse into the dark heart of America in the process. So in the above video we get a woman advertising her huge bathroom and she's looking for a roommate to share the space with as a bedroom. Of course they'll have to vacate it (with the blow-up mattress) whenever she needs to use the toilet. Still.

But even that pales into normalcy when you compare it with the video below.

This one features a woman looking for numerous men to groom her long hair (nothing sexual of course) and for possible candidates to send photos of their hands. Yup. As well as being highly amusing, and somewhat disturbing, you could also look at Pick and Hoy as doing a historical service.

Posts from Craigslist eventually get deleted and so disappear from public view. Pick and Hoy are preserving these strange requests, so future humans can look back and see how weird their ancestors were.

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