'Hungover Jedi'—The Force (Reluctantly) Awakens With A Headache & Full Of Regret In This Fun Video

Jedi are thought of as a monastic, spiritual bunch but every now and then even the most devout disciple has to cut loose and drink to forget, in the process imbuing far much more alcohol than is absolutely necessary.

After such a binge they might find themselves horribly hungover, full of headache, anxiety, and a nagging sense of regret—just like the rest of us.

That's the idea behind this skit from Kieran Humphries who imagines what it might be like to have a hangover, and operate a lightsaber.

The good news is, you can cut the alarm clock in half when it wakes you up with its unwelcome noise.

Also, your lightsaber can double as a toaster and drink warmer, and you can use the Force to get teabags into the garbage bin in a dramatic and satisfying way.

The bad news is that, you need to be really, really, REALLY careful while operating a laser sword when you've not got all your wits about you.

The slightest wrong move and, well, that headache and sense of regret is going to get far, far worse. Just ask this guy. Somehow i think this jedi's day is going downhill fast.


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