'The Official Donald Trump Jam' Is A Surreal And Bizarre Militaristic Piece Of Trump Propaganda

Last week Donald Trump spoke to 10,000 supporters at a rally in Pensacola, Florida. Before he got into his usual tirade hating on Obama and refugees, there was a bizarre and slightly unsettling performance by child cheerleaders—their name: Freedom Kids—who performed a rousing dance routine to the tune of a song called "The Official Donald Trump Jam."

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) Fox 10 Phoenix released the song in its entirety online and it's just, well, surreal. It has the unreal quality of one of Schmoyoho's Songify the News videos and you expect one of The Gregory Brothers to come onstage and start doing some autotuned crooning.

The lyrics don't help the sensation that it's all a dream either. "Enemies of freedom face the music / c'mon boys, take them down" were some of them.

Many people noted how the whole thing had a very North Korean feeling about it, as though it were the sort of performance you might see in a personality cult dictatorship. Kim Jong-Trump?

And of course there will be variations of this video, it's the internet after all:

Here's the original video shot from the side. Why? Why not.

The 'Official Donald Trump Jam' Meets The Shining - SCARY!

Official Donald Trump Jam - Freedom Girls - Cosplay Cover By L337 L0V3

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