'One-Minute Time Machine' Is The Perfect Way To Fix Your Mistakes When It Comes To Dating

Time travel has always been a tricky business, just ask Marty McFly, it seems like anything you try and change, do, don't do, has massive consequences on the outcome of the future and the more you try and correct it, the worse it seems to get. It all makes you wonder if it's worth even attempting if it actually existed.

Well hold that thought because in this hilarious short film from YouTuber Sploid takes the whole time-travel thing and thinks 'small' to achieve 'big' when it comes to hopping through time in attempting to conquer the hardest task ever to beset mankind, how to get the girl without being shot down in flames.

Forget going back to the time of the dinosaurs, all you need is to reverse time 60 seconds and all of a sudden you are given a chance to correct the error of your ways when it comes to chatting up a girl. Imagine the possibilities, if your chat-up line fails to impress just go back and try another one, and another one, until you get it right. It all sounds so simple and thats because, as a man, that's how it seems.

However life isn't as easy as that (damn) and the consequences of your actions will always have the same result, even if you just happen to possess a one-minute time maching.

Conclusion. Life sucks in any dimension when it comes to thinking there's an easy way to pick up women.

They are far to smart.


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