Oh God, Please Make This Good! - Pac-Man Attacks Earth In Adam Sandler's New Movie 'Pixels'

The announcement or release of anything that has Adam Sandler attached usually fills people with a sense of dread and foreboding, so the release of this trailer for movie Pixels is a kind of double-edged sword.

On the one hand it's a fun idea for a film, where iconic characters from 80s arcades—Pac-Man, Frogger and Donkey Kong—and video games lead an alien invasion of earth after images from the games are beamed into space and misinterpreted as a declaration of war.

But now comes the downer: it's up to Adam Sandler to stop them and save the planet. Ah well, let's wait and see how much or little he ruins it.

If the whole setup is causing your brain some deja vu, it's because the movie is based on the short film Pixels (below) by French director Patrick Jean, which was released back in 2010.

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