Parkour And Freerunner Sebastien Charron Is A Real Life Kung Fu Panda—And He's Seriously Good

Just because you have a large belly, doesn't mean you can't be a seemingly nimble parkour freerunner. Although countless fail videos would have otherwise, Sebastien Charron is living proof that it doesn't need to be like that.

Charron's parkour skills are showcased in a new video from YouTube channel Muscle Madness which usually features muscly bodybuilders. Rather than the toned, six-pack body that you might expect Charron's is a body with a belly that has no doubt seen plenty of beer.

Yet, instead of just lazing on the couch or in front of a screen like the rest of us, Charron has tirelessly practiced and because of that shows off great flexibility, along with some dexterous martial arts actions.

Muscle Madness call him a real-life Kung Fu Panda after the the animation that featured a large panda called Po, voiced by Jack Black, who went on to become the revered Dragon Warrior.

Like Po, Charron shows that with plenty of dedication your physique need not inhibit you. He can do backflips, spinning kicks, all kinds of seriously impressive tricks. And he can do them with ease.

Parkour website Urban Free Flow called his feats an inspiration, with the idea taken from the YouTube channel Nitro Parkour. According to the latter site, Sebastien "went through a lot and he's very happy to show the world what he's been working on."

He should be your new motivational hero for January, and he's an inspiration to dad bods everywhere.

See more of his skills over on his Instagram page and in the video below.

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