Fight Church: Pastor Eric Dammann Punches Kid For 'Not Taking The Lord Seriously'

Pastor Eric Dammann from Bible Baptist Church in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey has a strange way of teaching kids about the Lord. Especially if they're a "bright kid" which makes them "more dangerous."

His method for winning over dangerous, smart young men is to go "BAMMM!" and punch them right in the chest as hard as you can. Before leaning over their crumpled body and saying "When are you going to stop playing games with God?"

Because that's what Dammann claims he did in this video where he "led that man to the Lord right there." And the pastor is so proud of his achievement of physically assaulting a child in the name of religion, he then preaches about it to his flock, as an example of how you can win over unbelievers. Yikes.

So there you go. Forget about all that love and peace crap that Jesus preached when he walked the earth. The way to convert people is to sock them right in the chest.


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