#FlagBaby - People are Going Nuts About This Photo of a Baby Wrapped in the American Flag

It doesn't take much to anger people on the internet and the latest controversy setting flame wars alight across the cybersphere is a picture taken by photographer and navy veteran Vanessa Hicks.

Hicks was hired to do a photo shoot for Navy sailor Rodney Clevenger and his wife Samantha and their newborn boy. Hicks uploaded the photos to her Facebook photography page and in one of those photos the baby is seen lying in an American flag, using it like a sling (above)—and people are not happy about it. "Disrespectful, rude, tacky, disgusting, and against the U.S. Flag Code." wrote one easily offended delicate soul.

This seeming disrespecting of the stars and stripes even had its own Facebook page (since deleted) called "You call yourself a photographer?" A place where like-minded idiots could vent spleen, because they've presumably got noting better to do.

The story went viral and Hicks has come out to defend her the photo, telling ABC news "This is what he was fighting for, his son wrapped in an American flag."

Here's Hicks' response to the "cyberbullies" which she posted to Facebook.

So I figured I would share with all of you what has transpired in the past 24 hours! This is coming straight from my... (Vanessa Hicks Photography - Hawaii Wedding Photographer)

The internet had her back too. Here's what twitter had to say using the hashtag #flagbaby.

This person sums up most people's reaction to the ridiculous backlash.

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