100 People Talk About Their Biggest Turn Ons In The Latest From Cut Video

Turn ons, we all have them, but would you be happy telling the internet all about your biggest turn ons? Many people probably wouldn't, but it's something that the people in this video, from YouTube channel Cut, are totally fine with. The revelations are part of the latest episode of the channel's 'Keep it 100' series where they ask 100 people to reveal something about their lives, like the weirdest place they had sex. Or their favorite pick up line.

It features 100 randomly picked people from all different backgrounds and walks of life revealing exactly what floats their boat when it comes to turns ons. And the answers they give vary in range too, from quite safe answers like a good home cooked meal, to much more unusual fare. The video kicks things off nice and slowly with a couple of answers that are mundane and run of the mill. Like one woman states cleanliness as the biggest of turn ons, while another says she loves a guy with a sense of humor.

Turn Ons Go From The Innocent To The Extreme

Biggest Turn Ons 02.

Then come some more standard and relatively shockless answers, although thigh-rubbing is spoken about. But so too is a nice sounding voice, someone who can cook, holding hands, and general intelligence is given as an answer numerous times. Up to this point people's answers all sound very sweet and sensible, but it doesn't last.

After that it all turns a bit more lurid as a bunch of guys reveal that breasts, big ones, are their greatest turn ons.

Then, once you've been lured in with these the more unconventional turn ons start to come out. Like leather and chains, or women into sword-based anime. One guy even announces that a thong with a bow tie and panties with a bow tie are his thing. Fair enough. Whatever gets you going buddy. I guess.

But in amongst this are many other types of turn ons we would expect, from genitalia (of course) to tall guys (of course) to kissing, to boyfriends working on cars, to being "butt ass naked against satin" says one woman.

Again, fair enough.

If there's a conclusion to be drawn, it's that anything it seems can be someone's biggest turn ons. Because the responses are as varied and manifold as humanity itself. Watch more from Cut Video on their YouTube channel.

Biggest Turn Ons 04.

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