Pogo's Back And He's Set His Musical Mind On Harry Potter With His New 'Herimonie Mix'

I know i'm probably alone in saying this but "I hate Harry Potter films", yep, all of them. It must be some gene malfunction i suffer from, so please have some sympathy for me for not sharing in the love and harmony that is the world of Hogwarts, it's just how i am. However, i love Pogo, i love everything he's done to date (and if you've never heard of Pogo, shame on you!).

So it goes without saying that i'm really digging his new release 'Hermione Mix | Pogo & Jeesh', except it's a Harry Potter themed song, but i love it, but i hate Harry Potter, but it's SO good, but it can't be good, but it is, good! .....ARRRRGH!!!

All i can ascertain from this dilemma is that Pogo makes great music, stuff that transcends barriers of hatred and puts the world to rights with his hypnotic melodies, enough to make me admit to myself that i'm prepared to re-evaluate my viewpoints on life and give things a second chance. And that is the mark of a musical master.

That's enough ranting for one day, I'm off to bit-torrent 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.'


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