Powerful Video Shows How Police Brutality Affects Us All—#AsAMotherSpeakOut

The topic of police brutality couldn't be a more timely conversation to be having, but with the recent protests in Baltimore turning violent it's easy to lose sight of what the issue was in the first place.

Namely, police brutality against black men is a problem that needs to be addressed. It’s not just victims and their families that are affected, everyone now has the responsibility to speak out and question lethal force and investigate racial prejudices.

Shape History, a creative studio that creates content to raise awareness of social issues, has recently launched their #AsAMotherSpeakOut campaign.

In the wake of Walter Scott, Michael Brown and Eric Garner’s tragic killings, the landmark project from the creatives at Shape History hopes to build support for the many people and grassroots organizations in the United States who are working tirelessly to end police brutality, and who need our support to mobilize now more than ever.

The campaign wants to facilitate conversations surrounding this dividing issue and "question lethal force and investigate racial prejudices."

It includes the film above directed by Mike Buonaiuto, which delivers a powerful message but does so in an unconventional manner—by showing you how police brutality not only affects the victim's family, but the officer's relatives too.


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