Prankster Adds Some Hilarious Fake Descriptions To Animals For Sale At His Local Pet Store

How often do you read the blurb for something you might want to buy? And i'm not talking about the price. Lets be honest, most of us kind of glaze over when it comes to reading the description of a product (or in this case an animal), if it looks cool and is affordable then you are sold.

Then before you know it the purchase is made and you are out of the shop probably on your way to repeat it all over again in another store.

So witness a brilliant experiment to see if the consumer public actually reads anything.

Jeff Wysaski, who goes under the name Obvious Plant, likes to go into stores and shops and plant fake books or create spoof wine recommendation labels or leave handy tips on lamp posts and walls.

His latest prank involved him visiting his local pet store and adding in some frankly hilarious new descriptions for the animals, using some poetic license to make them sound more impressive than they are.

For instance, a pet lizard becomes a "Baby Godzilla Lizard" who "loves to climb and destroy small towns." He also makes explicit that the turtle for sale isn't a teenager or a mutant or a ninja. Denied.

Check them out below.


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