From The Puke Ray To A Diving Tank, These Are The Dumbest Weapons Ever Created

You'd think that we have enough ways to kill ourselves that no one ever need invent any more. But that's not human nature, human nature tries to figure out ever more cunning and evil ways to destroy its fellows.

Except not all weapons invented have been designed by the best minds, or maybe they have but they happened to be having an off day. And so it goes with these, the top ten dumbest weapons ever created.

You have to admit though, some of the inventors of these top 10 dumbest weapons have found imaginative new ways to try and put the smack down on their enemies even though they are a total fail.

And if you were wondering how dumb a weapon can get, then how about the non-lethal puke ray? Sounds like something you'd buy in a joke shop, but no. The US military spent $800,000 developing it.

Sometimes it's not good to know what your tax-paying dollar is being spent on.


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