Witness A $10,000 Gold Apple Watch Edition Get Totally Crushed By Two Magnets

If you were wondering how to waste $10,000 in a matter of seconds, then this is one way to go about it. YouTuber TechRax decided that, instead of wearing an 18k yellow gold Apple Watch Edition on his wrist, he would crush it.

With two neodymium magnets which can exert a force of 650lbs the Apply Watch never really stood a chance.

And you can watch with either glee or horror as the screen smashes, sparks fly, smoke wafts, and thousands of dollars and years of work are destroyed.

It was left with some usability though, the gold case faired much better than the screen and is barely scratched—plus it can still be charged.

TechRax then closes the video, without any irony, by saying "Something in there is still working, I'm sure this can still somehow get repaired." Sure, somehow. Maybe by buying a whole new watch.

Meanwhile in Apple-land an old bank on the Upper East Side in New York City has been transformed into one of the company's latest flagship stores.

What makes this one a bit special is the bank vault has been transformed into Apple Watch VIP dressing room. Strictly no magnets.

Apple Store Embracing The Old

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