Find Out What Type Of Black Friday Shopper You Really Are In This Hilarious Quiz

Black Friday. A time when people come together to show solidarity, kindness, generosity, and the charitable nature of the human spirit. Nah, only kidding. It’s like a zombie apocalypse without the zombies.

Instead there are Black Friday discount goods and promotions that see hordes of hungry, normally placid human beings storm retailers and fight tooth and nail for a bargain. Eyes will be clawed. Bodies trampled.

Any modicum of civility is cast aside as the nasty, bare-face horror of consumerism raises its ugly head—and uses it as a battering ram to charge through the marauding queues.

At least, that’s the idea anyway. But, maybe that’s not you? Maybe you’re the last vestige of manners in a sea of rudeness. Or maybe that is you. Take our Black Friday quiz and find out!

What Kind Of Black Friday Shopper Are You?


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