5 Pregnant Baby Turkey Thanksgiving Pranks To Show You How To Get Your Thanksgiving Right

So here's how to pull off a pregnant baby turkey Thanksgiving prank. Why you ask? Well, it's Thanksgiving, that's why. You weren't aware of that, were you? You just thought you had the day off work because the world was a nice place. Plus you get Friday off as well, because it's Black. How about that. And then it's the weekend.

Yep, you are in for a very long weekend break. And if you are lucky you might be able to string it out to Cyber Monday too. So yeah, back to Thanksgiving. The fact that all of your family are in your house right now might have been a clue and jog your memory, but you were too hungover to realize why they were all here. You probably thought they had all dropped by just to check you were ok, right?

But no, it's because it's a national holiday. And that means turkey. And basting. And turkey basting. And families. And more turkey, more basting, more families. And the traditional pregnant baby turkey Thanksgiving prank.

Because Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the pregnant baby turkey Thanksgiving prank, where a smaller bird of some description is planted inside the larger bird, so that you can pretend to the most gullible member of the family that the turkey was pregnant. It never gets old. And here's how it's done.

Pregnant Baby Turkey Prank 1: Turkeys Lay Eggs

Pregnant Turkey Prank 2: Never Trust Your Family

Turkey Prank 3: The More You Do, Funnier It Gets

Thanksgiving Prank 4: Someone Always Falls For It

Thanksgiving Turkey Prank 5: Happy Thanksgiving!

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