Rainbow-Puking Portraits Of The Republican Candidates From GOP Debate Are Seriously Weird

If nothing else the GOP debates are proving a vital source of fun for the internet. When it comes to actual politics they're a bit of a joke and when it comes to everything else, well, that's a bit of a joke too.

After round one finished it inspired some great Donald Trump memes, video maker and sometime rapper Dumbfoundead (aka the LA-based Jonathan Park) has targeted all the debaters, and created some weird but hilarious video portraits of the candidates.

Using Snapchat's hilarious new selfie Lenses feature, which maps someone's face and lets you warp it and apply crazy effects, he's added cartoon tears streaming down Donald Trump's face or shows Dr. Ben Carson puking up a rainbow. Suddenly political debates look a lot more interesting.

It's almost as if Snapchat had lined up the release of this app especially for Wednesday night’s Republican debate. The resulting Tweets and Instagram videos are seriously mesmerizing and just a little bit surreal.

It makes things much more entertaining. Check them out below.

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