Really Tall Guy Goes Shopping Dressed As Uruk-hai

If you chanced upon a giant orc wandering around your local 7-Eleven while you were out getting some snacks, would you a) smile coyly and giggle, b) cry abject tears of terror and run screaming from the store, or c) shout "FIND THE HALFLINGS!" in a grisled tone.

If your answer was c) then well done. Well done, indeed. Olivier Richters, aka One Huge Mofo, is the 7.2ft tall, 300lbs Dutch giant dressed up as the Uruk-hai, the badass orc-folk from Lord of the Rings. He was dressed up like that as part of a graduation project for makeup artist Rossanne Puck Aafjes, and afterwards they decided to go visit a shopping mall for fun.

You might think it slightly unusual to see a Uruk-hai casually sauntering about buying groceries, but the Dutch people seem to think it's no biggie—people, it's a goddamn savage orc-beast forged in the lava pits of Mount Doom! A little bit of fear wouldn't go amiss. Maybe this type of thing happens all the time in the Netherlands.

via Reddit

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