Guy Hilariously Torments Girlfriend With Relentless Barrage Of Lord Of The Ring Quotes

'Lord of the Girlfriend Torment' is what this model of LOTR fandom has been named, as this guy continuously torments his poor girlfriend with quote after quote from the fantasy trilogy. What is no doubt insanely annoying for this poor woman is tear-streaming-down-your-cheeks funny for the rest of us, who can only sit in awe at this guy's tireless dedication to LOTR and to the art of annoying the crap out of your nearest and dearest. Even when on vacation. *doths cap*

And it's not just the sheer amount of quotes he does but also the way in which he delivers them, like shouting "THE BEACONS ARE LIT!" while she's hanging out the washing.

Or scaring her with a "Where is Gandalf? For I must desire to speak with him." while hiding in the basement.

Both of them deserve some kind of award.


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