When Pop Stars Cross The Social Media Line: Robbie Williams Live Blogged The Birth Of His Second Child

File this one under things pop stars maybe shouldn’t do when their wives are going through the painful and highly emotional process of giving birth to their second born. Robbie Williams went to bold new levels of social media sharing when he live blogged his wife's labor, from arrival at the hospital to arrival of their newborn.

And it looks like Robbie was enjoying himself, from singing Frozen songs to his own hits—but at times you get the feeling his wife, Ayda Field, wants to dropkick him to the head and scratch his eyes out. If she was physically able to.

The marathon 24 hour long session started with Robbie posting a pic to twitter of his wife's red stilettos, which she wears when giving birth. Because celebs.

Next up came a video of her dancing about, probably before the contractions started proper and she was still thinking it was all a good idea.

Then he begins to sing and dance at her bedside, which could either be seen as cute and adorable or the most annoying thing any human has ever done to their wife while she's in labor.

Then they go for a walk around, to help with the contractions. This is pretty normal and there's no singing, thankfully.

Then a succession of vids came thick and fast showing various stages of the labor (childbirth is long and boring and hard work) with Robbie talking to camera detailing what's going on.

The Robbie Williams publicity machine marches onwards.

Robbie even finds times for some lolz. What a card.

"Stop singing Frozen!" Robbie sings a song from Frozen.

And finally, it's over.

So that was the birth of Robbie Williams and Adya Field's second child, captured in time for historians to look back on and ponder WTF. Opinion has been divided about the whole thing, between it being something the pair and their newborn son can look back on with fondness and cherish for the rest of their lives.

And the other camp which involves people tweeting things like the following:

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