Robot Mecha Cat Is Very Cute And Friendly—Unless You're Unkind To Animals

People who are unkind to animals are obviously total a-holes and they also better watch their back—because robot cat might them down and seek retribution for what they've done. Well, if he was real, that is.

Robot Cat is the doing of Polish prankster SA Wardega (of spider-dog fame) who created a mecha/Gundam-style robot suit and put an actual kitten inside it behind a perspex panel.

The robot suit, built by Polish cosplayer Aleksandra Tora, walks around a Polish town, buying cat food, hunting down animal abusers on the subway, and chasing down dognappers.

The mecha, with a machine gun on one arm and a huge blade on the other, isn't something you would want to mess with if you saw it walking down the street. It's cute and creepy at the same time.

Most people though, including the police, are simply bemused by this strange sight. As you probably would be if you saw a giant mechanical robot controlled by adorable kittens.

If ever there was reason to make an action movie based on an avenging cat then this is the perfect candidate.

To find out how Wardega pulled off this impressive prank, check out the making-off below.

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