'Van Damme That Stinks' - A Compilation Of Martial Art Movies With Jean-Claude & Added Fart Noises

When someone tells you that the latest Jean-Claude Van Damme movie stinks you will probably be inclined to agree with them. There's not much of an argument to acknowledge that the 'muscles from Brussels' has some serious acting talent.

But now it seems that we've all been missing something important from all of his films, a unique form of methane-based method acting that cannot be dismissed as a load of hot air, in fact this newly discovered talent is all about 'hot air', and yes it stinks, but in a smelly and hilarious way.

So if you're the kind of person who, like Homer Simpson, finds footage of a ball to the groin to be stand out hilarious—and don't be ashamed to be, because by all rights it is funny—then your immature sense of humor will very much enjoy this Jean-Claude Van Damme compilation.

Because it's not just a compilation of the Belgian badass' martial arts movies, it's a compilation of the Belgian badass' martial arts movies with added fart noises. Fart noises added at highly appropriate times, like when he slowly lifts a leg to kick someone in the face. And there's highly appropriate cut aways too, featuring people grimacing from the stench. So far, so juvenile.

The video comes courtesy of YouTubers DistractotronChannel, and at three minutes long you'll probably find yourself wishing it was much, much longer. Because it's hilarious. Don't fight it.


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