Rope Swing And Hoop Attached To A Bridge Makes For Some Insane Freestyle Basketball Dunking

Rope swings on bridges are undoubtedly a great way to while away a sunny afternoon, if you have the stomach for it. But YouTube channel Dunking Devils have upped the ante by not only attaching a rope swing to a bridge, but dangling a basketball hoop from it too.

The rope swing and hoop were placed under a railway bridge around 33ft above the Sava River in Ljubljana, Slovenija. Once that was done all that was left was to try it out.

So that's exactly what they did and they seem to be having an absolute ball doing it—swinging, jumping, dunking, and performing some insane midair acrobatics.

And to their credit they make slamming home a midair dunk look easy, but it can't be. Accurately catching and then dunking the ball while flying through the air can't come naturally to most people.

But then again these guys spend their lives doing crazy stunts like this. Most of us would have trouble just using the swing, let alone trying to catch a basketball.

Still if you can park your fear, it looks like a lot of fun.


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