Sci-Fi Film Challenges Cliched Portrayal Of LGBT Characters With A Touching Story About Loss

Here's a little game to play, see if you can name a sci-fi film where the LBGT characters aren't just some camped up cliche. Difficult, huh? If LBGT characters do feature in a sci-fi movie they're most likely OTT dramatic stereotypes, like Harvey Fierstein's character Marty Gilbert in Independence Day.

Out to challenge this type of portrayal is filmmaker Mike Buonaiuto with his IndieGogo-funded feature Credence, currently in production. The film centres on a gay couple who are parents of a young girl and is set in the future where earth is ravaged by destructive storms. The only hope for survival is to flee and travel to a new colonized world.

But due to limited capacity only children are being allowed to go. Portraying a realistic, loving family dynamic the film—without prejudice or resorting to stereotypes—shows the heart-wrenching decisions the couple must face as they let go of their daughter in order to save her life.


#Credence is now aiming at raising a stretch-goal of #15,000 to bring to life this tragic story of 2 fathers’ decision to save their daughter during the last evacuation of earth.

This will go towards:

► Film Festival submissions to get the film seen and reviewed

► Further VFX and colouring

► Physical copies of the film

► Production crew fees

And to help, we've released an awesome new perk:

►YOU in the film

Check it out here and thank you so much for the support so far!


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