Twitter Mocks Rapper Shad Moss With 'Bow Wow Challenge' After He Lied About Flying On Private Jet

Behold Twitter's latest celebrity game, the Bow Wow Challenge which is named after rapper Shad Moss. The Challenge all started when Moss posted a picture to Instagram of a beautiful looking private jet which he implied on the post that he was flying to New York City on. "Travel day. NYC press run for Growing Up Hip Hop. Lets gooo. I promise to bring yall the hottest show EVER. May 25th on @wetv" he wrote. Nothing wrong with that, right? Rappers fly in their G2 Gulfstream jets all the time, right?

The thing is, that wasn't actually a photo that rapper Shad Moss (aka Bow Wow aka Lil’ Bow Wow) took, because that wasn't a private jet he was on. He got caught out, because somebody happened to be on the same flight to NYC as the rapper in economy class. And they sent a Snapchat image to their friend, who uploaded it to Twitter.

Because of this, people begin doing a Google image search on Bow Wow's pic. It turns out, according to The Verge, it takes you to MIA VIP Transportation “an executive group transportation company” based in Florida.

"The full file image is stored under a broken URL for corporate VIP vehicles," The Verge notes. "But the header image for MIA VIP Transportation’s website seems to be the same picture Shad Moss posted."

Oh dear. Other Twitter users also noted the similarity of the private jet photos Bow Wow was posting and the images used by the Florida company.

Shad Moss (Bow Wow) Boards His Private Jet

Bow Wow Challenge Mocks Shad Moss For His Private Jet Lie.

Below is the first jet image Bow Wow put on his Instagram.

Travel day. NYC press run for Growing Up Hip Hop. Lets gooo. I promise to bring yall the hottest show EVER. May 25th on @wetv

The Moment When Bow Wow Got Busted On Twitter

And here's the pic of the guy calling him out, because he's sat on the same plane.

From there things only seemed to get worse, because once he had been caught out everyone began mocking poor Shad Moss. In fact it started a whole twitter hashtag game called the Bow Wow Challenge which saw people posting pics of themselves purporting to have a much more interesting, luxurious, or wealthy lifestyle than they actually have got.

There are some pretty funny responses to the Bow Wow Challenge, from people pretending to fly to Europe, to pretending to be at the game. The Bow Wow Challenge has risen to the occasion.

Bow Wow Reacts To His Roasting On Twitter

Bow Wow has since responded to the whole thing himself too, saying in a video for I Love Hip Hop TV.

"You don't live my life. Everybody like talk about the plane, I didn't know that was news. That ain't news. What is there to talk about? Ain't nothing to talk about. I don't got nothing to explain to niggas. I been doing this shit for too long. It take a second to hate but it take you a lifetime to make 500k nigga, make 500 thousand talk to me. I'm bout to go get some food."

Still, that's not going to take away any of the humor from these very funny Bow Wow Challenge posts. If nothing else comes out of this, we've learned that when celebrities lie, Twitter can turn it into a fun game. Bow Wow Challenge, ftw. Check them out below.

The Best Of The Shad Moss Bow Wow Challenge

shad moss bow wow challenge 01.

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