#ShortPeopleProblems—The Issues That All Short People Have To Suffer, According To Twitter

When it comes to everyday first world struggles that you have to deal with, be it a broken fridge, the cat's peed on the sofa again, your train's packed (again), some of us have it worse than others. And by some of us, that means short people. The higher the problem resides, the harder it's going to be to deal with.

From getting clothes that don't drown you to having trouble reaching the higher shelves in a grocery store, their issues are manifold. And those are the obvious ones, searching around on Twitter under various hashtags, like #shortproblems, #shortpeopleproblems, and #shortgirlproblems it becomes very apparent that a lot of short people share the same kinds of complications that non-short people have no idea of.

Like being too short to use a mirror in your rented apartment, or flicking the sun visor down in your car and being too short for it to have any benefit. Lets not even start on watching a band play at a concert. Oh, the humanity!

That's not to say you can't be educated on these issues (or that they're aren't many benefits to being short, like fitting in kids' clothes meaning cheaper outfits), because you can.

So take a look at some of the problems listed below, and spare a thought for your fellow adult humans who come in at under average height.

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