Family Thanksgivings - Twitter Recounts The Quirky Incidents With With #ItsNotAFamilyGatheringUntil

Thanksgiving is a time for the family to come together, no matter where in the country or world they may be, it's a time for celebration and the reunion of relatives to pick up and ignite unresolved arguments and bad habits left over from the previous year's Thanksgiving, and of course a time to bond through overeating.

That's the general idea anyway, but for different families there are many different ways of doing things.

But, there are also similar ways each annual gathering goes. Say auntie always dozes off in the armchair, or grandpa likes to tell you, again, about that time he once met John Wayne. Or are you still single/married/gay?

Basically there's always an incident or phrase or occurrence that happens year on year, it might just be a look of despair from your mom, but it lets you know the family thanksgiving gathering has truly begun.

As a collective cathartic exercise the Twitter hashtag #ItsNotAFamilyGatheringUntil was recently asking people to tell others exactly what that incident might be. That way we can all feel a little better that someone else's family is just as annoying or weird as our own or, even better, much weirder or much more annoying.

Meaning you can feel infinitely better about having to go home and spend four long days locked away with your nearest and dearest. Safe in the thought you will do it all again next year. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Here's some of the examples that we can all probably relate to.

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