3-Year-Old Girl Blows Up The Death Star In This Adorable Recreation Of Star Wars Trench Run

I'm sure those of us who have recently watched (and loved) the new Star Wars movie Rogue One will have wanted to see the original film that started it all as soon as they got home (yup, the sequel-kind of-to the new release) and to cheer on Luke Skywalker as he gets some serious payback on the Death Star.

But say goodbye to Mark Hamill and hello to 3-year-old Amelia. The little girl replaces the actor in this adorable recreation of the trench run that ends with the Death Star being blown to pieces from Star Wars: A New Hope.

The recreation was all thanks to Amelia's dad, who placed Amelia in the iconic scenes thanks to some low-budget but expertly realised green-screening. The resulting video, RED FIVE: A Star Wars (Fan) Story is something that Amelia will no doubt treasure for the rest of her life.

To create it involved a lot of patience from Amelia's dad, Matt Silverman, and Amelia. Matt had to film Amelia's lines in short bursts, whenever she was in the acting zone, because anyone who knows the attention span of a toddler will know it's pretty short. Or maybe she was adopting the role of an overindulged A-list actor.

Then, to get Amelia looking the part Matt put her in a customized store-bought X-wing pilot costume while she performed in front of a green screen. To place her in the cockpit of the X-wing he took stills from the original movie, meticulously photoshopped out the pilots and placed Amelia in.

The end video is something that any Star Wars fan, no matter how old, will be insanely jealous of.

In fact you don't even have to be a Star Wars Fan to see green, it will leave many of you crying salt tears remembering that your childhood was never like this.

For further details on how Amelia's dad did it, check out the behind-the-scenes video below.

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