Starbucks’ #RaceTogether Campaign Backfires, Gets Relentlessly Mocked On Twitter

With the best intentions, Starbucks recently launched a new campaign to get people talking about race. The campaign was promoted by their CEO Howard Schultz and involves a barista writing #RaceTogether on your morning cup of coffee and engaging you in a conversation about race relations.

Now, that might've sounded like a good idea in the boardroom, but the reality is people aren't at their best in the early morning before they've had their cup of the strong stuff. So they might not take too kindly to being forced into debating the issues surrounding race in modern America when they're late for work.

Still, Starbucks obviously hadn't thought that far ahead and launched the campaign. But no sooner had they posted it to twitter...

...when the backlash and ridiculing started.

It got so bad Starbucks' senior vice president of communications, Corey duBrowa, deleted his twitter account. Which was just met with more ridiculing.

Oh dear. Another #brandfail on Twitter to add to the already huge list.

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