Why Does Every New Macbook Need A Different Goddamn Charger? College Humor Explains

A new MacBook arrives next month and with it a new charger, meaning Apple have done away with the MagSafe charging port and replaced it with a USB-C slot. Why have they done this? Well, they say it's so they can pair down the design even more.

But College Humor think otherwise and have come up with a video, spoofing the voiceover and style of Apple vids perfectly, detailing why Apple have decided to change it—poking fun, mercilessly, at the company's decision.

So we get a smug Jony Ive saying lines like, "Why? Because F*ck You, that's why." before getting down to the bare bones of it all. "The new MacBook charger does the exact thing as the old charger. The only difference is now you can't borrow your friends' charger."

If you ever needed more proof that Apple are an evil corporation, bent on taking our money and messing with our minds then here it is. I doubt it will stop you (and me) buying the next model release though.


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