The Toughest Job In The World: Ever Wondered What It's Like To Be Nicolas Cage's Agent?

Love him or hate him you can't deny that Nicolas Cage has starred in a hell of a lot of movies, maybe too many movies you might be thinking, but what do you say to someone who just like making films? Step up to the plate his poor agent.

True, he rocked in Raising Arizona, Wild at Heart, Leaving Las Vegas, Bringing Out the Dead, and then he kinda went off the rails with Wicker Man – And with over the edge with The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, National Treasure 3 and Ghost Rider 2 and most recently, Left Behind. Why god, why?

Maybe Nicolas Cage has just got to a point in his career where he just didn’t give a f#ck any more what the film or script is about, just as long as he's starring in it.

So when his agent phones and pitches a new script to Nick it soon becomes apparent he'll consider ANYTHING!

No matter how stupid and dumb it sounds. It's an agents nightmare. But LOL-Tastik for us.


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