Drugs in Cinema: Supercut of Narcotics In Cult Hollywood Movies is Highly Addictive Viewing

Drugs and cinema go way back, and that goes for both sides of the camera. As far back as 1894 the silent black and white film—and the first film to explore drug use—Opium Joint, produced by Thomas Edison, was titillating viewers who would've watched it on a Kinetoscope.

Skip forward a few hundred years and now drug films are their own subgenre. And the drug-taking takes many forms, from the stoned fun of Cheech and Chong movies to the addiction hell hole of Requiem for a Dream.

Or the hedonistic overdose that is The Wolf of Wall Street.

Lets not even mention the classic scenes from Scarface or Pulp Fiction. No, lets not.

This supercut by Jorge Luengo Ruiz features many classics from over the years, with the characers toking, snorting, shooting, swallowing, and generally imbibing their way through various scenes.

It makes for some addictive viewing and no doubt 30 minutes after watching this you'll be back for another dose.


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