This Ridiculously Overblown 'Fictive Trailer' Has It All—Zombies, Killer Plants, And Fantastic VFX

If you're the kind of person who gets excited by the announcement of another Sharknado movie, then it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll enjoy this intentionally overblown trailer from VFX artist Alf Lovvold, co-founder of 3D animation studio Gimpville.

When he's not working on visual effects for feature films he's making this trailer for post-apocalyptic movie Dawn Of The Planet Of The Zombies And The Giant Killer Plants On Some Serious Acid. That's a serious title.

He calls the project a "fictive trailer" which means it's for a film that doesn't exist (although, after watching the trailer, you'll wish it did.)

The plot seems to work something like this: After humanity reaches the end of the internet, a plague of killer plants and zombies is unleashed—and against such odds, mankind has no chance as it strives to defend itself from murderous vegetation and legions of the undead.

Just think of it as The Walking Dead meets The Day of the Triffids Meets Fear and loathing in Las Vegas and you'll be going down the right track.


For a breakdown of how Lovvold did the effects, check out the video below.

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