Weird Music Video Of The Day: Swedish Kids’ Song About Male & Female Genitalia Is Super Catchy

If you're a teacher and you were looking for the perfect ditty to accompany your sex-ed class, you can thank Sweden for coming up with this winning song.

The video features cutesy cartoon versions of male and female sex organs, who are named snipp and snopp, dancing along to a very catchy, toe-tapping tune. The video was made by Swedish Public Television for kids' show Bacillakuten. Reactions to it have been mixed.

Although it's on over 2 million views on YouTube, some parents weren't overly happy about the kind of message it's giving to the kids. And there's been some flame wars erupting on the show's Facebook page where they posted the video.

Lyrics include the lines ""Here comes the penis at full pace," and "the vagina is cool, you better believe it, even on an old lady. It just sits there so elegantly."

Make of that what you will, but the show's creators say it's aim is to help children understand the human body. And, of course, understand the value of a catchy jingle.


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