Cats Review - Searching For A New Pet? Don't Do Anything Before Watching This Hilarious Video

When it comes to deciding on a pet you can be spoilt for choice because there are so many different types of animals. There are the classics like cats and dogs. There are the mundane like goldfish and then there are the more exotic, like a bearded dragon.

Well one YouTuber is helping people on their quest to find the perfect pet and that is Garcatch. Garcatch has taken it upon himself to review every pet, all 8.7 million of the various species by 2088.

It's an ambitious undertaking and one that is obviously a lifetime, and then some's, work.

But it has to start somewhere and Garcatch has decided to start, where else, but with felines and to help us work out whether a feline is the right pet choice for our home he has made a hilarious video called 'Cats Review'.

Yes, those secret rulers of the internet are tackled in this informative and insightful video. He handily points out what an average house cat contains—fur, tail, nose, four legs—so you can easily spot one down the pet store.

Plus plenty of other important information.

But be warned, their list of features on this particular model is very small.

So unless you want to heavily modify your feline and upgrade to something like a lion or a tiger then watching 'Cats Review' will let you know that these are a very basic model of pet.


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