Taylor Swift Brings Tears Of Joy To Fans With Her End Of Year Gift Giving

Last year was a great one if you were Taylor Swift. Just think, she started 2014 an international pop star and as a casual observer you'd be forgiven for thinking she was at the height of her popularity and fame.

But no. Along came the rest of the year and her new album 1989 and BOOM she became even more popular and even more successful. How was that even possible? Who knows. Maybe we're just one universe in a multiverse of infinite universes and it just so happens our universe is actually the Taylor Swift is God universe. And now we're just beginning to see that manifest.

And now, perhaps worried that she hasn't conquered the hearts and minds of every human being on earth, this video shows how (perhaps inevitably) she's now stolen Santa's job and invented her own version of Christmas called Swiftmas. Which sees her personally choosing and wrapping and then Fedexing gifts to fans because she's Taylor Swift, superhuman savior of us all. This video shows the fans tearful reactions to receiving these treasures.

What will 2015 bring for Taylor Swift? President of Earth? Emancipation of her holy soul unto the cosmos? She'll put all her music back on Spotify? Who knows.


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