Stevie Wonder And James Corden's Car Karaoke Will Bring Joy And Happiness Into Your Life

James Corden has been hosting The Late Late Show for nearly six months now, and he's had some fun with the guests he's entertained. Most of that fun has been had in the Carpool Karaoke section, where Corden and a celeb go for a drive and have a good old singalong.

Guests have included Justin Bieber, Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey, and now, Stevie Wonder. And it's surely the best so far, because not only is it great to hear Stevie sing some of his classics, but he also comes across as a really funny and fun person, especially as the video starts off with Stevie in the driving seat.

At one point Corden asks him to call his wife who's a massive fan. So the singer gives her a call, firstly putting on a fake British accent and then serenading her with a custom version of his hit "I Just Called to Say I Love You ."

Corden is pretty overwhelmed, even wiping away a tear or two.

And the whole video's full of enjoyable moments. You just wish you were in that car with them, singing along as Stevie jams on the harmonica.

It's one of those videos where you'll suddenly catch a glimpse of your face in the computer screen, and it'll be beaming away whether you realised it or not.


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