Taylor Swift Shows She's Just Like Us By Lip Syncing Along To Her Song 'Blank Space'

Taylor Swift does what we all do in the privacy of our cars (just ask this lady), she lip syncs along to the song playing on the stereo. It just so happens that she's an international pop star so it's highly likely the song might be made by her. And, on this occasion, it is.

After pulling all her music from Spotify this is what Taylor has resorted to so she can sell her music. Turning up for one-to-one car singing sessions with her fans.

I'm joking of course. She's joined in her journey by British radio DJ Greg James for BBC Radio One as they drive around London acting just like us normals do when we're driving about. Except, she's probably a little bit better at replicating the moves than you or I.

Plus, you know, her hair looks nicer. And her clothes. And she's a millionaire (even without Spotify). But apart from that, just the same.

Just to see if she's doing those moves right check out the original video, below.

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