Tegan The 2yr Old Dubstep Toddler & His Awesome Dance Moves To Adventure Club's 'Crave You'

Toddlers dancing kind of has the same effect as seeing a newborn baby, something pulls on you maternal heartstrings and makes you suddenly come over all broody and making you crave one of these cute little things as your own.

But i wonder if that chemical signal transmutes the same way if you throw some dubstep into the mix?

You may find dubstep unagreeable, you may not. But your appreciation of it might help if you could move as awesomely as this adorable 2yr old toddler can.

Young Tegan is just slaying it with his dubstep dancing, with a double blow of cuteness and killer moves.

Maybe his dubstep power has something to do with that little yellow toy car that's resting by his feet. Maybe he has in that car strands of Skrillex's hair and thus his power.

Or maybe he's just a natural dancer. Personally I like to think the former, it's more realistic.

Anyway, hands in the air for Tegan the Dubstepper. The rave is strong in this one.


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