Watching The Teletubbies In Black And White Is A Truly Disturbing Experience #thehorror

Kids TV shows can often be a bit creepy or weird, but this black and white version of the teletubbies is absolutely terrifying. Christopher G. Brown is the man responsible for ruining this perfectly innocent, if strange, show and haunting your nightmares with it instead.

Not only does he give the visuals an Eraserhead/The Seventh Seal-style black and white makeover but there's also Joy Division's song "Atmosphere" to compliment the general sense of foreboding and unease.

The whole thing started when Mark Holland tweeted the following:

Then someone remarked how it looked like the video for Joy Division's "Atmosphere"—and before you could say "Holy Tinky Winky!" Chris Brown from band Vary Lumar had made it so.

And now all you've got is the recurring nightmares.

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