Terrifying Social Experiment Shows Just How Easy It Is To Kidnap A Child In A Public Place

Be prepared to be afraid. Very afraid. If you have kids (or nieces or nephews) you would've warned them about the dangers of talking to strangers. So you probably think they wouldn't dare talk to someone they didn't know—and definitely wouldn't walk off with them.

However, you're about to get a big shock courtesy of YouTube prankster Joey Salads. Joey has carried out a "social experiment" showing just how easy it is to abduct a child in a public place.

In the video he asks three parents if they think their kid will talk to him, and leave with him, if he approaches them. They all say no because they warn their kids against talking to strangers practically every day.

Then, with their permission, Joey walks over to their kid armed with a puppy (called Donut) and starts talking to them. All three kids not only respond, but end up willingly walking off with him holding his hand lured with the promise of seeing more puppies.

It's shocking, and very worrying, to see how easy these kids are persuaded. "Over 700 children are abducted a day," notes Joey at the end of the vid, "That's over a quarter million a year. Are your kids safe?"

The moral of this story/social experiment i guess is always keep an eye on your kids, even if they are in (what you think is) a safe place, and tell them to stay away from strange men offering them sweets, and be wary of puppies with silly names.


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