Canadians React In A Very Canadian Way To Racist Hatemongering After Ottawa Shooting

Canadians, they're possibly the most reasoned people on earth. The guys in this video decided to conduct a social experiment, heading out onto the streets of Ottawa after the shooting with one guy dressed in typical muslim attire and the other one a white caucasian.

The white guy starts to harass the muslim, telling him he can't get on the bus and calling him a terrorist and generally being an ass. But, in what's some great PR for Canadians and also heartwarming for all mankind (apart from the violence), the Canadians don't side with the caucasian—instead they defend the muslim guy.

In fact, so adamant are they in defending him and his rights to walk the streets and not be vilified, that the white guy takes a nasty punch to the face for his intolerant attitude. Bloody nose and everything.

BUT, if you are looking for the kind of small-minded, knee-jerk attitude that these guys were probably thinking they were going to get, look no further than the YouTube comments section. It's offers an abundance of illiterate, keyboard-frothing hate.


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