Housemaid Gets The Surprise Of Her Life In Possibly The Nicest Prank Ever

Kleenex at the ready people. When you think of somebody being pranked it usually means someone ending up with the proverbial (or sometimes literal) egg on their face. But not this prank. Not Greg Benson and not the show Pranking It Forward.

These people do good pranks.

What starts out as a nice couple of surprises for an overworked maid turns into something far more rewarding. It begins with a new client who wants the maid to taste-test gourmet food that costs thousands or trial a new massage chair and the skills of a couple of burly masseuses—and ends with the maid suddenly becoming a homeowner.

Because: generosity. And publicity, of course. Mainly publicity.

So if you thought the internet was full of nothing but hatred and cats and maybe a little more hatred, this should make you feel a little better about the cyber world.


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